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CMAS Advanced Nitrox Diver -kurssi

Aika: 28.9.-9.10.2022
Paikka: Espoo
Järjestäjä: Nousu ry
Vastuukouluttaja:Rupert Simon

The aims of this course are defined by the CMAS advanced nitrox diver standard. In this course you will learn to assess the advantages and risks of handling and using NITROX containing >40% up to 100% oxygen. You will learn about the physiological implications when diving, the requirements related to the equipment containing and delivering up to 100% oxygen, how to plan your dives and the need for back-up planning. You will undertand and be able to demonstrate how to use the respective equipment. The course will put emphasis on teamwork above and under water.

The advanced Nitrox course will be kicked off in a physical meeting on 28 September 2022, 18:00 (location to be agreed with the participants later). It contains theory lessons provided via the Fedration''''''''s the e-learning environment "dyykki" and a theoretical examn (time and place to be agreed). There will be four course dives to verify entry requirements and build up skills in handling one stage tank with 100% oxygen: Skills check on 5 October 2022 at Pikkala, two exercise drill dives at Kisko Louhos and one deep dive in Iso Simijärvi).

In order to participate in this course, you need to be a member of Sukeltajaliitto (non-members can acquire membership by joining the diving club Nousu RY), be at least advanced diver (CMAS** or equivalent), basic NITROX diver, have at least 30 logged dives (10 on NITROX) and present a filled in health questionnaire.

You need to know and be able to operate the equipment as used in the technical skills course. Therefore, you should consider follow a technical skills course before enlisting in advanced nitrox classes. This course is a step stone to technical diving, which encompasses higher risks than recreational diving. Therefore, it is also highly recommended to follow a rescue diver course to acquire rescue skills in case of problems. Applicants with completed technical skills and rescue diver courses will be given preference for admission to this course.

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