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About Sukeltajaliitto ry - Finnish Divers' Federation

Finnish Divers` Federation is the roof organization of the Finnish diving clubs.

In Finland there are about 150 clubs with their approximately 9 000 members.
The activities of the Federation and it`s clubs are open for all those interested in diving.

Finnish Divers` Federation

  •     organizes training of scuba diving and snorkel diving instructors
  •     produces training materials for the use of the diving clubs and their instructors
  •     organizes diving events and competitions
  •     publishes the Sukeltaja magazine
  •     represents Finnish diving and divers 
  •     provides diving experts for the use of the media and the society

Sukeltajaliitto was founded in 1956. Our office is situated in Pitäjänmäki in Helsinki.

Sukeltajaliitto is a member of Suomen Olympiakomitea ry, the Finnish Sports Federation.

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