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Kurssin ohjelma

The course starts with a kick-off meeting on the 28th of September. Here you will obtain an updated plan on the roll out of the course and we will do an equipment check (for basic equipment see CMAS technical skills standard for details) and determine the need for upgrading equipment where applicable.

You will get access to the e-learning materials, which you should complete before the 5th of October and acquire needed equipment latest within two weeks. Pending agreement and availability, we may then have a check dive in a swimming pool (SukellusAreena, extra cost of 25€ per student).

The open water dives will be conducted on the 5, 8 and 9 October in Storsvikin Uimaranta (Pikkala), Kiskon Louhos and Iso Simi, respectively. If more dives are needed, extra costs will incur depending on timing and location (up to 150€ per day and student).

For more information contact your course director by email at rupert.simon(at) or via phone at 0400399262.